A great night’s sleep begins with the mattress and ends with the mattress. There’s no two ways about it, having a mattress that suits your body just right is worth every penny. Finding the perfect mattress at great deals in a store has become inconvenient. That’s why I’m looking at the best box mattresses that can be delivered right to your front door. Speaking of which, I just bought a new mattress after years of dealing with my old lumpy one. So, I’m speaking from experience and the mattress I purchased may just be on this list.  Here are the top three box mattresses available on the market right now! 

  1. Helix Midnight LUXE – $1,749

    The Helix Midnight LUXE is a masterpiece of sleep focused design. Its upgraded “zoned lumbar support” provides an unparalleled comfort experience. This is the item to get if you have any type of lower back pain. Plus, with its “Side Sleeper Pressure Point Relief,” this is the ideal bed for those who are prone to tossing and turning or sleeping on their side throughout the night. The way this technology works is that it provides added support for the hips and shoulders, helping to keep the spine aligned. On top of the support and pressure point relief, I run notoriously hot during the night, so I needed something that was breathable. Helix’s “Tencel Airflow Technology” keeps the bed cool all night long.

    I’m not the best at web design or SEO, but we have been in talks with a local digital marketing company who is helping up renovate our site. Helix’s website is dynamic and easy to use. Making ordering and customer service exceptionally easy. Of course, at nearly two thousand dollars, this mattress is quite the investment. Though I’d argue that you should invest in something you use every night. No, a mattress isn’t glamorous like a brand-new TV, but the benefits far outweigh anything else you’re considering spending your money on right now. Except maybe that speeding ticket you’ve been ignoring for the last month.

  2. Bear Hybrid – $1,497

    Here’s the thing about mattresses, not every one of them will work for every person. I am by no means an athlete. Most of my friends would laugh at the concept of me and athlete in the same sentence. So, the Bear Hybrid is not necessarily the mattress for me, but it deserves a spot on this list because of how expertly it serves its target audience.

    Bear’s whole focus is on making a mattress that is great for the active consumer. They achieve this through premium comfort foam that adjusts to each individual body and responsive transition foam that forms pressure relief pockets for sensitive areas. Mix that with their patented “Edge Coil System” that enables better spinal alignment and you’ve got a great mattress. What I will say, is that the firmness of this mattress is a detractor for me. While the foam bends and molds, it doesn’t have as much give as the next mattress on this list. Though, for athletes and people who need a firmer mattress, this is the top of the top.

  3. Casper Original Mattress – $1,095

    The first mattress on this list is here for one very specific reason. It’s the best mattress available for anyone who is prone to sleeping on their stomach. The truth is, sleeping on one’s stomach is terrible for them. It puts the spine out of whack and can lead to all sorts of back pain. Knowing that, I am still a habitual stomach sleeper. So, for all my stomach sleepers out there, I want to help you be the happiest you possibly can be while doing something that is certifiably terrible for you. The Casper Original Mattress is my selection because it has incredible give that delivers a plush experience night after night. With its “AirScape” foam and “Zoned Support,” you’ll be having a remarkably comfortable night’s rest.

    The zones are really what make this bed great for stomach sleepers or those who need a softer mattress. They are broken into three distinct zones that each react differently to body weight. What holds this mattress back from the number one overall spot is in fact the same reason I rate it so highly. The give of this mattress makes it a comfort king, but doesn’t promote the best sleeping habits. Sleeping on one’s side is objectively better for overall health. While I can enable a little bit, I can only let it go so far. If you sleep on your stomach and want to change that habit, one of the next two mattresses might be more up your alley.