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I am 60-something, and don't ask, I have trouble remembering
And, if you haven't guessed by the flags, I am Irish-American.

I  was born at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington D.C., the son
of an Air Force Officer, and I was raised, literally, all over the world. After High
School I joined the U.S. Army and was Active duty from 1966 to 1972, 
 I went to Viet Nam with the B Troop, 2nd, 17th Cav., 101st Airborne Div.(1967-1968) with a recon MOS. The
odd thing was, after I returned from Viet Nam, I was assigned to the 82nd Airborne and the 1st, 17th Cav.

For the next 25 years, I was in Sales and Finance. I eventually got totally burned out
and, in the end, I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I knew I wanted
to do something outdoors (I was sick of confining walls). About a year earlier, my best friend and I had
purchased a commercial grade pressure washer for our own home use. We had done some work for
a few of our co-workers, to help pay for the machine, so I knew there was a need. After some investigation,
I decided why not. I took a short course on the pressure washing industry, bought additional equipment
that was needed and gave my 2 week notice. And for the last 19 plus years, I have been pressure
washing all kinds of things. Now, I just mostly only do houses, decks, fences and driveways. I've done so many
that, even if I must say so myself, I am very good at it. At one point I had several employees, but when the
economy slowed down so did i and I do most the work myself or with one helper.

This I will promise you, if you decide to use my service, I will do an excellent job. I will show up when
I agree to and make sure you are happy before I leave. You will never be asked to pay for anything
upfront. And if you find I missed something or messed up something, I will come back and fix it for free.

Please give me a call. I can give an estimate for most jobs over the phone, but if not,
I will come to your home and give you a formal estimate.

Thanks for reading this, and I am looking forward to your call.  Johnny "O"

PH: 678-361-8665


Please click on the above images to go to a short history of the unit I went to Viet Nam with. 
I went over with B Troop in December 1967 and this was written about the time period that I was there.
Author: William Robertson

Here is what some our clients are saying about Johnny O and A-1 Discount

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Source:     Google Places               Name:     Milu                     Date:      06/09/2011
RATED:    (five stars)      
Johnny O did such a great job on two rental properties, we had him clean our house and driveway. He does what
he says he's going to do, a rare thing among contractors today. Honest and hardworking; you can't ask for
more than that. Great job, Johnny!!

Total Reviews This Source: 58

Source:                       Name:     Rich B                  Date:    04/02/2011
RATED:    (five stars)      
I really like this guy. I called just to get my house siding cleaned, but ended up getting my house, patio and driveway
 done. They did a great job on everything and my driveway is so white, you almost need sunglasses to look at it when
the sun is out. I will always call John when I need to do it again. I just can't say how happy I am that I found A-1.

Total Reviews This Source: 19

 Source:                      Name Carmenatl               Date:    05/12/2011
RATED:    (five stars)      
Excellent Power Washer, great care and quality John did a great job on our house, deck and driveway.
He is a professional who truly cares about his work and the quality shows. I highly recommend him.

Total Reviews This Source: 10

Source:                 Name    Shannon                 Date:     04/22/2011
RATED:    (five stars)
I just had my entire house power washed yesterday - The house looks Great! It was wonderful to work
with John. John was fast, courteous, and professional. I will use A-1 Discount Pressure Cleaning again!

Total Reviews This Source: 6

Source:                       Name:     Mike F                   Date:    02/22/2011
RATED:    (five stars)      
A-1 did an excellent job pressure washing my house, he was there when he said he would be and would not
accept payment until I was completely satisfied. The window washing is well worth the price, my wife was
 happy and it kept me off the ladder! Thanks Johnny , I'll tell everyone about your service

Total Reviews This Source: 5

Source:                       Name    David                   Date:     07/29/2012
RATED:    (five stars)      
Great service and value!  Johnny showed up on time and did a great job pressure washing the house,
deck and driveway.  I would highly recommend his services for your pressure washing needs!

Total Reviews This Source: 8

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